While you are working hard to be the best, the best is working twice as hard to remain the best.
— Superlative Sain

Hello, World!



Superlative meaning the best of and Sain meaning to bless, is a multitalented creative, born in the UK (United Kingdom, England) and raised in Hollis Queens, New York. Growing up, Sain always connected with music by singing with his mother who was a vocalist in a church choir and grew up singing. As a child, art was always a passion of Sain's life. From Drawing full length comic books to even designing logos, Art was always a staple in his life. Picking up the art of rapping in his early years of college Sain continued with his love of the arts and always wanted to bring his friends with Him wherever he went. Co-creating the creative collective group OGWN, with long time friend Diverze Koncept, he began expanding his ever growing catalog simply because he loved making music. While Working a full-time job, going to school for Graphic design, pursuing music plus working as a professional free lance photographer, Superlative Sain takes the term "Artist" to an entirely new level by designing his own merch/clothing line "Be|SUPERLATIVE" and directing, filming and editing music videos. Check out this talented artist and be apart of his Rise !



It all started when…

I reached out to Stereotype.co Creator, Dave Noodlez, and told him about my goal and my plan to make everyone feel better and what they’re doing with their goals and dreams. My Goal with the “Be|SUPERLATIVE” brand is to preach the message of never giving up, remaining humble while you begin to climb and succeed in your ambitions while always remembering to remain hungry for that dream. To be “SUPERLATIVE” means to be the best there is at something that you are doing. The Japanese term for that roughly translates to “SaiJokyuu” which actually means “Most Upper Class.” So rock out today and Support the movement! Purchase your Stereotype.co X Be|SUPERLATIVE “SUPERLATIVE” collaborative t-shirt today!