Born in the United Kingdom, at Kings College hospital and growing up around a family full of musically inclined Jamaicans, has really helped young entrepreneur Superlative Sain. Sain, now 25, has been singing his whole life whether it was gospel songs with his mother to open mics in college and only just a few years ago started rapping. In 2012, Sain partnered with new friend, DiVerze Koncept and released their first mixtape titled "The Beginning." For the two this new venture meant two things the beginning of the their friendship but also the beginning of a brotherhood that would far extend just music. In 2013, Sain decided to make his hobby of photography into his passion and career while also releasing two more mixtapes with partner, DiVerze. However also in 2013 Sain and DiVerze broke up the group "Superlative Reasoning" and Sain decided to continue on as a solo artist. On March 4th 2014, the debut solo mixtape/album titled "Chimera: The Change Up" from newly solo artist, Superlative Sain was released. The 19 track project showed Sain changing his flow of rap and utilizing more opportunities to sing on records.

The project got over 1k listens while on without wasting anytime Sain then releases his second mixtape in October of 2014 titled "Insomnia: Tales of an Insomniac." This 13 track project showed the growth pain and development that Sain went through within those months. Through out the year of 2015, Sain was busy with performances, radio interviews, feature verses, feature hooks and even ghost writing. In 2015, his long time music partner, DiVerze Koncept gives music a second chance and the two work on their debut mixtape as a duo again. On January 1st 2016, the two released their debut mixtape, "Dark Sons" and within a few hours recieved more than 1k plays and views, Crushing any project they had ever done before. In the summer of that year they decided to add a third member to their group to make them a trio. Their main goal was to do almost everything themselves and cut the middle man out. They titled themselves OGWN. Throughout 2016 the squad performed at many different venues and events such as Hip-hop Retreat Week and Bk Wildlife Festival. Later in the year they partnered up with their newest member JYJWLZ who is their main producer and on of the artist in the group. Superlative Sain has just released his debut album "Tell Em" now on all music platforms !

While you are working to be the best, the best is working twice as hard to remain the best.
— Superlative Sain


Photographer: Kerry DeBruce

Musician: Matthew "Superlative Sain" Munroe